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About the Arbor District

The Arbor District is situated between SIU on the south, Memorial Hospital/SIH on the north, Downtown on the east, and Oakland Avenue with Schnucks, CVS Pharmacy, and other services on our west.


The Arbor District encompasses the West Walnut Street Historic District and the area once informally designated the "student neighborhood" 

It is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Carbondale, with people of many races, ethnicities, and nationalities. It includes many university students as well as retirees, university professors and staff, medical providers, and other working people. It is inhabited by people of virtually all income levels, except the very wealthy.

The Neighborhood Association is registered as an Illinois non-profit corporation. Its Board of Directors for 2023 is:


Kyle Miller, President  kymiller.cdale[at]

Judy Ashby, Vice-President judybug2[at]

Brian Swoboda, Treasurer bswoboda2[at]

Jane Adams, Secretary jadams.cdale[at]

Pheral Lamb pheral[at]

Sarah Buila sdbuila253[at]

Francine Wien francinewien[at]

Arbor District on map.jpg
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